To Repair or Replace Residential Roof System

To Repair or Replace Residential Roof System
From natural wear and tear to the unpredictable Texas weather, many North Texans have reported damage to their roof systems this month. Summer months are the popular for roof repairs and replacements, as the sun is typically shining bright. Before Mother Nature strikes, make sure that your residential roof system is ready for the changing season.

Many customers come to Joe Hall Roofing with the foreknowledge that their roof needs serious repairs. The number one questions we get from homeowners is whether to make repairs to the damaged area or to replace the roof system altogether.

Our trained and experienced technicians have years of knowledge to help you make the best choice for your home. However, the answer isn't always black and white. There are several factors to consider when it comes to your roof system-age of the roof, previous roof repairs, and extent of the damage.

The age of your roof is the number one factor. If the age of your roof is the root cause, you will know by the extent of the damage. Natural wear and tear affects the majority of the roof. It's unlikely that your roof will take a big hit to a particular area if wear and tear is to blame.

If it is determined that your roof has aged well and done it's job, it's best to replace the entire roof system. However, if the roof has never been reroofed, or recovered, that is a more cost-efficient alternative.

Shingles can be layered two deep maximum. If your roof has lasted strong with one layer, you can consider recovering with a second layer of shingles. If two layers already exist, the roof requires a complete tear-off replacement.

Extent of the damage provides the most indepth insight as to how to properly proceed. Your roof can be brand new, but if the damage has affected the underlying insulation, extends across the majority of the roof system, etc., it is best to replace the roof system. If, however, the damage is consentrated to one specific area and does not affect the remainder of the roof system, simple repairs can be made.

Our goal, at Joe Hall, is to provide customers with high quality, lasting roofing solutions. Our technicians are educated in the latest residiential roofing technologies to make necessary repairs and replacements to keep your home safe for years to come. Allow us to inspect your home and discuss all of your roof system needs with you.


Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer Months

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer Months
Keeping your home from the effects of the North Texas heat can be a difficult feat. As your electric bill rises during summer months, we have some tips to help you lower your bill and conserve energy.

Your roof plays an important role in keeping your home cool. From reflective roof shingles to energy efficient window screens, there are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and conserve. First options, cool your roof. While most shingles are black, there are new technologies in the roofing industry designed to help you conserve energy consumption. Cool roofs reflect sunlight, staying cool, and reducing the amount of heat transferred into your home. When your roof is cool, your home is cool. This helps avoid a chilly 68 degree thermostat, but still get the same effect.

Another way to lower your monthly energy bill is to plant shade. Of course, this isn’t an immediate solution. But after your tiny seed has grown you’ll notice a drastic difference in your electric bill. Did you know a tree can block up to 70 percent of solar radiation from hitting your home? Shade can come from trees, shrubs, and plants placed in front of windows that receive the afternoon sun. Not only does this option keep your home cool, but it gives you great curb appeal with lush landscaping.

Keeping in line with shade, you can also invest in shades for your windows. From an awning to window screen reflectors, making sure your windows don’t trap and absorb heat has the potential to save you a pretty penny on your electric bill. For the interior of your home, shut the blinds. A room lined with windows isn’t called the “sun room” coincidentally. If you don’t want sun creeping into your home and absorbing your cool air, and money, keep the blinds shut during the afternoon.

This next tip is so simple, but often overlooked. Running your ceiling fan obviously provides cool air. But, it can actually be working against you if you don’t have the switch set to the right spin direction. Look for the small switch at the base of your fan. Set your fan to turn counter-clockwise during the summer and clockwise in the winter.

Did you know that everything plugged into the electric socket produces heat? If you are serious about cooling your home without constantly running the air conditioning, unplug!

From the roof to the ground, there are plenty ways to conserve energy and keep your home cool. Don’t automatically reach for the thermostat if your home starts heating up. Close the blinds, turn off the stove, and look to your ceiling fan. You’ll love the comfortable temperature of your home—and the cheap electric bill!


Insuring Your Commercial Roof System

Insuring Your Commercial Roof System
With years of experience in the roofing industry, Joe Hall Roofing has seen commercial customers suffer because of insurance discrepancies. Our goal is to help you not just fix your roof, but to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your roofing insurance policy. Here are some tips to keep your roof in regulation for warranties and eligible for insurance claims.

Weather storms, wear and tear, and the aging lifespan of a roof all have an effect on your roof system. Regardless of your reason, if you have any concerns about the safety or reliability of your roof, contact Joe Hall Roofing right away. We offer a free on-site inspection to determine if there is any damage to your roof.

We offer this free service so that customers can have a professional opinion before ever contacting your insurance agency. Tip one: get specific details from the inspection. When you make the phone call to your insurance, you will need to provide your insurance with detailed information. Having the inspection already done, at no cost to you, keeps you informed.

If there is damage to your roof, discuss your options with your Joe Hall Roofing consultant. These are all steps in preparation before a phone call to your insurance provider. You want to have as much information as possible to relay to your insurance agent. If the damage is large enough and temporary repairs are needed immediately, proceed to prevent any further damage, but keep all of your receipts to turn in to the insurance company.

Documentation is key in communication with your insurance provider. In addition to the receipts, take before and after pictures of your roof system. Get pictures of the damage prior to any repairs and after temporary repairs.

Make sure that no permanent repairs are made until the adjuster has had the opportunity to inspect the damaged area. This is the most important tip. Following this rule of thumb can save you a lot of time and heartache dealing with insurance requirements.

Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a claim sheet with an outline of the damage and the funds designated for the repairs, less your deductible. The claims adjustor will provide you an itemized explanation of the claim settlement, including your deductible amount, depreciation, and net claim amount. Save this for your records.


Commercial Roofing Practices - What You Need to Know

Commercial Roofing Practices - What You Need to Know
When you choose Joe Hall Roofing for your commercial project, the choices are just beginning. We offer a wide variety of materials and manufacturers to choose from to ensure that our customers receive the services and products they want for their business.

From GAF to Firestone, each of our manufacturers puts out high quality products and materials specifically for commercial roofing projects. The difference between residential and commercial properties is incomparable. From the products used to the style of service, it’s crucial to take each factor into account.

We work with a lot of young companies who haven’t had a lot of experience in commercial roofing. Deadlines, work environment, and customer service are at the top of our priority list. During an initial estimate, we talk through each stage of roofing, repairing, reroofing, etc., to give you an in depth understanding of what to expect. Our roofing experts are highly trained and experienced to ensure that your building is functioning without distraction while under construction.

The Joe Hall Roofing commercial division uses innovative technology using age-old techniques as well as future market trends to provide customers with a flawless result.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we specialize in roof restoration, which uses high-tech reflective and emissive products to extend the life of your roof, while keeping your energy bill low. Working in the Texas heat, we understand the value of a dollar. We help customers go green, while simultaneously lowering their energy bill and keeping their building cool.

Using new techniques with heat resistant products is a must for Texas businesses. We work with manufacturers to provide roofing products that meet the specific needs of North Texans. Lapolla Industries spcializes in spray foam systems and specialty coatings to ensure a healthier environment and reductions in energy consumption.

ER Systems is another manufacturer in commercial roofing. With a line of elastomeric roofing materials, customers enjoy safe and lasting results. The systems available include roof coatings, sealants, adhesives, highly reflective roof coatings, and membranes.

Understanding how buildings move over time and with the wind is vital for business owners. When we work with clients, we help you understand each product so that you’ll get the most out of your roofing solutions.

MBCI and DECRA manufacture metal roofing products. From standing seam to exposed or concealed fastener roof systems, MBCI uses the latest innovations in metal roofing to keep commercial structures safe and sound for years to come. DECRA manufactures stone coated steel technology for new construction or renovation for commercial structures to provide long life and low maintenance.


The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat

The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat
Rainstorms have taken over North Texas for the last several months, but finally, we are experiencing our summer heat. Though we know the heat is coming, it’s never easy adjusting to triple digit days. And it’s not always easy on our roof system either. Drastic weather changes can affect your roof if you’re not careful.

I say “if you’re not careful” very loosely. There aren’t very many preventative measures you can take as spring turns to summer. But, we do know which roofing shingles are best equipped for the heat of summer.

Depending on your geographic location, there are specific materials that are best for your region. As Texas is in the South Central part of the United States, we see a lot of humid heat. One of the main questions we receive when speaking with new clients is about the most energy efficient, protective roofing material to combat the sun.

And the answer is quite surprising—there are numerous materials available to keep reflect the heat, which keeps your energy bill low, and won’t succumb to the Texas heat.

Composition shingles are incredibly durable. They are unique in that you can get them made to mimic other roofing styles without spending a fortune. These shingles are manufactured with preventative treatments against UV fading. So if you’re concerned about the sun ruining the look of your roof this summer, consider composition shingles.

Not only are composition roofing solutions durable, but they are the most popular choice for residential roofing customers. The shingles are fortified with a blend of roofing materials to outlast the most demanding environments—rainstorms, wind storms, hail, and sun. This material takes into consideration Mother Nature and provides you with a safe covering.

Another great shingle to fight the heat is metal. Metal roofs are most known for their environmental footprint. Because they consume very little energy, your summer electricity bill will thank you for metal roof. And while I wouldn’t suggest climbing on your metal room in the heat of the day, I can say that metal roofing is superior quality to combat sever weather storms.

From polymer shingles to wood shingles, each of the residential roofing solutions available ensure maximum durability for North Texas residents. Our shingles are designed to deliver superior quality and unparalleled beautiful for instantly improved curb appeal. But more than looked, our shingles are designed to last. With a long lifetime infused with preventative treatments, our solutions are capable of keeping your home safe through the heat of summer, into winter, and beyond.

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