Commercial Roofing Practices - What You Need to Know

Commercial Roofing Practices - What You Need to Know
When you choose Joe Hall Roofing for your commercial project, the choices are just beginning. We offer a wide variety of materials and manufacturers to choose from to ensure that our customers receive the services and products they want for their business.

From GAF to Firestone, each of our manufacturers puts out high quality products and materials specifically for commercial roofing projects. The difference between residential and commercial properties is incomparable. From the products used to the style of service, it’s crucial to take each factor into account.

We work with a lot of young companies who haven’t had a lot of experience in commercial roofing. Deadlines, work environment, and customer service are at the top of our priority list. During an initial estimate, we talk through each stage of roofing, repairing, reroofing, etc., to give you an in depth understanding of what to expect. Our roofing experts are highly trained and experienced to ensure that your building is functioning without distraction while under construction.

The Joe Hall Roofing commercial division uses innovative technology using age-old techniques as well as future market trends to provide customers with a flawless result.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we specialize in roof restoration, which uses high-tech reflective and emissive products to extend the life of your roof, while keeping your energy bill low. Working in the Texas heat, we understand the value of a dollar. We help customers go green, while simultaneously lowering their energy bill and keeping their building cool.

Using new techniques with heat resistant products is a must for Texas businesses. We work with manufacturers to provide roofing products that meet the specific needs of North Texans. Lapolla Industries spcializes in spray foam systems and specialty coatings to ensure a healthier environment and reductions in energy consumption.

ER Systems is another manufacturer in commercial roofing. With a line of elastomeric roofing materials, customers enjoy safe and lasting results. The systems available include roof coatings, sealants, adhesives, highly reflective roof coatings, and membranes.

Understanding how buildings move over time and with the wind is vital for business owners. When we work with clients, we help you understand each product so that you’ll get the most out of your roofing solutions.

MBCI and DECRA manufacture metal roofing products. From standing seam to exposed or concealed fastener roof systems, MBCI uses the latest innovations in metal roofing to keep commercial structures safe and sound for years to come. DECRA manufactures stone coated steel technology for new construction or renovation for commercial structures to provide long life and low maintenance.


The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat

The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat
Rainstorms have taken over North Texas for the last several months, but finally, we are experiencing our summer heat. Though we know the heat is coming, it’s never easy adjusting to triple digit days. And it’s not always easy on our roof system either. Drastic weather changes can affect your roof if you’re not careful.

I say “if you’re not careful” very loosely. There aren’t very many preventative measures you can take as spring turns to summer. But, we do know which roofing shingles are best equipped for the heat of summer.

Depending on your geographic location, there are specific materials that are best for your region. As Texas is in the South Central part of the United States, we see a lot of humid heat. One of the main questions we receive when speaking with new clients is about the most energy efficient, protective roofing material to combat the sun.

And the answer is quite surprising—there are numerous materials available to keep reflect the heat, which keeps your energy bill low, and won’t succumb to the Texas heat.

Composition shingles are incredibly durable. They are unique in that you can get them made to mimic other roofing styles without spending a fortune. These shingles are manufactured with preventative treatments against UV fading. So if you’re concerned about the sun ruining the look of your roof this summer, consider composition shingles.

Not only are composition roofing solutions durable, but they are the most popular choice for residential roofing customers. The shingles are fortified with a blend of roofing materials to outlast the most demanding environments—rainstorms, wind storms, hail, and sun. This material takes into consideration Mother Nature and provides you with a safe covering.

Another great shingle to fight the heat is metal. Metal roofs are most known for their environmental footprint. Because they consume very little energy, your summer electricity bill will thank you for metal roof. And while I wouldn’t suggest climbing on your metal room in the heat of the day, I can say that metal roofing is superior quality to combat sever weather storms.

From polymer shingles to wood shingles, each of the residential roofing solutions available ensure maximum durability for North Texas residents. Our shingles are designed to deliver superior quality and unparalleled beautiful for instantly improved curb appeal. But more than looked, our shingles are designed to last. With a long lifetime infused with preventative treatments, our solutions are capable of keeping your home safe through the heat of summer, into winter, and beyond.


Damaged Commercial Roof - Do you Repair or Replace?

Damaged Commercial Roof - Do you Repair or Replace?
Commercial roofing systems are built to last. With durable materials featuring reliability, when it comes to a flat roof, there is not much that can harm it. However, this often gets misconstrued when problems develop during the lifespan of a roof system.

It is crucial for commercial business owners to research companies before having any roof installed. If a roof isn’t installed properly or is designed improperly, problems can occur. Many commercial roofing problems arise from the initial installation. Making sure that you have a trusted contractor and designer is the most important factor to consider.

Once a roof is installed on a commercial property, the most important consideration is routine maintenance. The most overlooked aspect of owning a commercial building is the roof. Out of sight, out of mind can do a lot of damage when it comes to the roof system. It is essential for a commercial roof to be inspected and any small problems be corrected immediately.

After an inspection, if there are problems, you have options. Replace the entire roof, re-cover the roof, or repair the roof. To know the best route to take, consider these factors:

First, assess the damage. How much of the roof is damaged? Look at damage to determine how bad the damage is and do a cost comparison of repairs necessary versus a new roof. Second, look at insulation, building occupancy, and building use. It’s important to understand the use of the building to know the best roof and method of repair. What is the building used for? Do tenants occupy the building? How easy is it tearing off the roof? Where is it located—heavily populated area, skyscraper, etc.

Finally, determine if the building generates a lot of moisture. If so, the building might not have the correct roof.

To know the answers to these questions, contact a professional roofing expert and ask them these specific questions.

Sometimes, problems look worse than they really are. When problems can be easily repairs, you don’t want to accumulate the expense or time of a full roof replacement. Commercial roof repairs are the best option when the roof has good insulation and the membrane of the roof is in mint condition.

When a roof is damaged, but was installed properly and is in, otherwise, good shape, a re-cover is a viable option. Re-covering the roof means placing a new membrane on top on the preexisting one. It is extremely important to remember, though, that a roof can only be re-covered once.

A full replacement is the best solution when a roof is damaged and has already been re-covered. If the damage is too expensive to make repairs and covers to broad of an area, replacement is the best option. A good rule to follow is if 25 percent of the roof is damaged, replace. This is a long-term solution and will lead to fewer problems in the future.


Roofing Materials Available After the Storms

Roofing Materials Available After the Storms
We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But, in North Texas this year, April showers have only proven to bring May showers. With the amount of thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail storms, and strong winds, the roofing industry has seen a drastic increase in business.

Our hearts are with those who have suffered in Texas and surrounding states from damage to their property. If you have noticed any missing shingles, it is easy to assess the damage and call on a professional for a roof inspection. The problem is for those whose shingles don’t appear to be damaged.

If you have recently experienced the North Texas storms, and we aren’t quite sure they are over for the year, make sure you have a professional come take a look at your roof system. A roofer is able to not just see missing shingles, but inspect the flashing and gutters for any damage as well. Just because shingles are hanging out in your backyard doesn’t always mean your roof survived the storm, unfortunately.

A roofing inspection after a storm can save your from costly repairs in the future.

If your inspection comes with a lengthy list of repairs, don’t be despaired. Check with your insurance agency to see what is covered. You might be surprised at what you find. Once you have an idea of what is necessary, start looking at your options. When your home requires a new roof system, you have options! Let’s look at the different residential roofing materials available.

A lot of homes are being reroofed with metal roofing. And there are some really great benefits to this material. Metal, or steel, roofing material is constructed in pieces, or tiles. The great thing about a metal roof in North Texas right now is its strong defense against severe weather storms. It looks great and acts tough while simultaneously decreasing your carbon footprint. I’d call that a win.

The only downside to metal roofing is the noise. You think the pitter-patter sound of rain is soothing, but when a hail storm rolls in, you might change your mind.

But don’t let these couple of storms deter you from year-round savings. A metal roof can save homeowners up to 40 percent in energy bills, annually. It can also boost the value of a home by about $1.45 per square foot.

Other options for North Texas include the traditional composition shingles, wood shingles, slate shingles, tile roofing, and polymer rubber shingles.

Polymer rubber is designed to look distinguished without the high cost. With a natural look and maximum durability, this is a great option for fighting off Mother Nature. A major bonus to these shingles is the color options and customizable options.

Joe Hall Roofing offers a wide variety of roofing materials. With choices that provide reliability and long lasting results, you will love the look and feel of your home.


April Showers Leave North Texas with Severe Roof Damage

April Showers Leave North Texas with Severe Roof Damage
Only a short month ago, North Texas was hit with a hail storm that left many residents with missing shingles, leaking roofs, and clogged gutters. As soon as April came, another storm hit the Metroplex with high winds and softball sized hail, leaving residents with totaled vehicles and damaged homes.

As spring approaches, North Texas can expect more rain fall and possible thunderstorms. And that means that it’s time for a routine roof inspection and weather preparations. While no roofing material can promise to withstand softball-sized hail and its effects, roofing systems are designed to fight hard against Mother Nature, leaving you with peace of mind.

Joe Hall Roofing provides residents with a plethora of roofing options, ranging from composition, wood, and slate to metal, polymer, and tile roofing shingles. Composition is high quality and long-lasting. As one of the most durable roofing solutions, this material can be manufactured with preventative treatments against warping and cracking.

Wood shingles are beautifully crafted to outlast the element. Adding a touch of elegance to your home, the high quality Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau products keep curb appeal gorgeous for many years to come. Slate is another durable option to protect your home against wet weather. This timeless look is long lasting and unique for flawless curb appeal that achieves its purpose.

Growing in popularity, metal roofing is engineered to protect your roof against environmental factors and Mother Nature. Engineered steel is the perfect option to withstand the elements. This roofing material is available in numerous colors and styles for a beautiful look and necessary protection.

Polymer rubber mimics other materials in looks, but adds a level of protection against environmental damage and fading. And, finally, tile roofing is a viable option for homes with a sturdy structural frame to hold its weight.

These roofing materials are designed to keep you safe during the most treacherous weather. From hail to shine, find a roofing material that not only looks great, but offers durability. With Joe Hall Roofing, we are committed to provide you with superior roofing services. From Wiley, to Mansfield, and across the Metroplex, we help our customers feel safe no matter what the weatherman predicts.

Our commitment to providing you with top notch products and services is our motivation. Our products are geared for maximum performance. Choose the stability of slate or the texture of tile, and so much more, and achieve the look you want and the protection you need.

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