April Showers Leave North Texas with Severe Roof Damage

April Showers Leave North Texas with Severe Roof Damage

Only a short month ago, North Texas was hit with a hail storm that left many residents with missing shingles, leaking roofs, and clogged gutters. As soon as April came, another storm hit the Metroplex with high winds and softball sized hail, leaving residents with totaled vehicles and damaged homes.
As spring approaches, North Texas can expect more rain fall and possible thunderstorms. And that means that it’s time for a routine roof inspection and weather preparations. While no roofing material can promise to withstand softball-sized hail and its effects, roofing systems are designed to fight hard against Mother Nature, leaving you with peace of mind.

Joe Hall Roofing provides residents with a plethora of roofing options, ranging from composition, wood, and slate to metal, polymer, and tile roofing shingles. Composition is high quality and long-lasting. As one of the most durable roofing solutions, this material can be manufactured with preventative treatments against warping and cracking.

Wood shingles are beautifully crafted to outlast the element. Adding a touch of elegance to your home, the high quality Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau products keep curb appeal gorgeous for many years to come. Slate is another durable option to protect your home against wet weather. This timeless look is long lasting and unique for flawless curb appeal that achieves its purpose.

Growing in popularity, metal roofing is engineered to protect your roof against environmental factors and Mother Nature. Engineered steel is the perfect option to withstand the elements. This roofing material is available in numerous colors and styles for a beautiful look and necessary protection.

Polymer rubber mimics other materials in looks, but adds a level of protection against environmental damage and fading. And, finally, tile roofing is a viable option for homes with a sturdy structural frame to hold its weight.

These roofing materials are designed to keep you safe during the most treacherous weather. From hail to shine, find a roofing material that not only looks great, but offers durability. With Joe Hall Roofing, we are committed to provide you with superior roofing services. From Wiley, to Mansfield, and across the Metroplex, we help our customers feel safe no matter what the weatherman predicts.

Our commitment to providing you with top notch products and services is our motivation. Our products are geared for maximum performance. Choose the stability of slate or the texture of tile, and so much more, and achieve the look you want and the protection you need.