Dallas-Fort Worth Storms Cause Roof Damage

Dallas-Fort Worth Storms Cause Roof Damage

We’ve had a precursor to April showers this week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A recent storm that affected a large area of the Metroplex left major roof damage to homes and businesses from the strong wind, hail, and fallen trees.
If you’ve been affected by these storms, we want to give some advice on how to proceed to ensure you get the best repairs without a huge expense.

Take pictures. It’s overwhelming to walk outside and see your property in disarray. And we don’t take that lightly. We understand the emotional toll that a strong storm can take on homeowners, but we strongly encourage you to take initial pictures of the damage.

The first step after noticing your roof has suffered damage is to call your insurance. Keep your insurance provider in the loop as you begin the process of assessing the damage. Once your insurance knows about the damage, contact a roofing company for an inspection.

At Joe Hall Roofing, we work hard to quickly help customers after a major storm hits the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our roofing professionals are available to look at the damage and assess your specific situation. Of course, if you have leaks or the damage is threatening the structural stability of your home, call for help immediately and leave the property.

During the inspection, a roofing contractor will look for missing, loose, or damaged shingles, flashing, and gutters. Debris needs to be removed from the roof to ensure that no tree branches or debris from tornados have pierced the roof system. Once debris is removed, a roofing professional can easily inspect the roof and determine the extent of the damage.

After an inspection, if there is damage to your roof system, we will work quickly to fix isolated problem areas or give you options if the damage is extensive.

The most important thing to remember after one of our unpredictable North Texas weather is to stay safe. During the storm, follow your city sirens and seek shelter. At Joe Hall Roofing, we have a passion for keeping North Texas homes and businesses safe and secure. Our experts work on residential and commercial properties to ensure a strong and dependable roof system is in place to withstand Mother Nature. But, you can never be too careful.

If your home or business has experienced wind, hail, or tornado damage from this week’s storms, allow us to walk you through a stress-free roofing experience. Joe Hall Roofing has built a reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex of honesty in the roofing industry. Backed by five generations of Hall family members, our family is invested in North Texas and the families that reside here. We are committed to our customers and providing quality roofing services.