Insurance Tips for Residential Roof Systems

Insurance Tips for Residential Roof Systems

Since 1989, Joe Hall Roofing, Inc. has been providing high quality roofing services to residential and commercial structures in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With years of knowledge and continued learning in the latest roofing technologies as well as experience to back it up, our technicians are highly trained and qualified to provide superior services to both our residential and commercial clients.
Our residential roofing experts understand the complexity of roofing insurance and how to go about having your roof inspected and treated in a cost-efficient manner. Here are some tips that will help you as you work with your insurance company.

Before you ever contact your insurance agency, make sure you know exactly what needs to be done, if anything. Schedule a free on-site inspection with Joe Hall Roofing to assess your roof system. Upon completion of the inspection, if there is damage to the roof, gather all of the information on how to fix it. You want to go to your insurance company with all of the facts and no unknowns.

Our consultants at Joe Hall will provide you with a plan of action after the inspection. You’ll know exactly what we would do to get your roof system back in a pristine working, aesthetically appealing condition.

If you are in an emergency situation and need temporary repairs until the damage can be repaired, your insurance agent can authorize work to prevent further damage. However, you do not want to make any permanent repairs until your insurance authorizes work. Just make sure you keep all receipts to turn into your insurance agent.

As with anything, documentation is crucial. Keeping receipts, taking pictures before and after repairs are made, keeping a record of dates and times, etc. will protect you.

After the inspection, a claim sheet will be provided to you explaining the damage and funds being allotted to you for the repairs, less your deductible. In your claim sheet, you should have a printed explanation of your claim settlement, including your deductible, depreciation, and net claim amount.

At Joe Hall Roofing, we strive to protect homeowners from fraudulent scams. Never let a door-to-door knocker get on your roof. From vandalism to injuries, you don’t want to get taken advantage of. Always call a reputable roofing company to assist you in your roofing needs. Select a contractor that has an established relationship with insurance companies.

We offer prospective clients free insurance claims assistance. Allow our consultants to help you through each stage of the roofing process. We will inspect your roof, help you understand your insurance claims, and make any repairs necessary to get your roof back in superior shape to protect you year-round.