North Texas Hail Storm Damages Roofing Systems

North Texas Hail Storm Damages Roofing Systems

This week, North Texas was hit with an unpredicted hail storm that left cars dented, fences blown over, and roofs in disarray. At Joe Hall Roofing, we expect the unexpected when it comes to Texas weather. But this hail storm has left residents and business owners with a lot of questions that need answered quickly. We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions to get your roof back in working order.
After the storm this week, with all of the hail and wind, we are urging North Texans to do a quick roof inspection. Start by simple surveying your property. Not only look for pieces of shingles, but analyze the hail itself. If you find any shingles in your yard or see that the hailstones are large and sharp, you know a more thorough roof inspection is necessary.

The most important fact about hail damage is that no roofing product is safe from its effects, residential or commercial. Ashpalt, wood, concrete tile, and metal roofing materials can all be damaged from Mother Nature. Studies have shown that annually, millions of dollars are spent on roofing products due to hail damage.

While no preventative measures can protect your roof from hail, Joe Hall Roofing professionals are available to help you in the aftermath. Factors to consider when inspecting your property include the size of the hail, the shape of the hail, and the density of the hail. Consider these factors when inspecting your yard to determine whether you need a more thorough roof inspection.

When inspecting your roof, look for missing, torn, or misplaced shingles. The wind, alone, has done damage to residential and commercial properties. If your business has been affected, you will know by leaks on the interior of the building. Because flat roof inspections are more involved, we suggest having a professional take a look. Don’t wait until your ceiling has water raining down on the interior.

Residents can get on the ladder and look at the flashing around the chimney, the gutters, and the shingles themselves to see if the wind was strong enough to tear off any of your roof materials.

If you notice any damage, a frequently asked question is, “what do I do next?” If you are missing shingles or have damaged flashing or gutters, allow our technicians to take a look. A professional roofer can tell you the next step to take. Most often, simple repairs can be made. However, if the situation is just right and the mixture of wind, hail, and rain all affected your house simultaneously, a replacement might be necessary.

Repairs can be made quickly to get your roof back to a safe condition. Our experts are highly trained to battle the damage from Dallas-Fort Worth weather quickly. We work with you to get your house in order in a timely manner.