Preventing Wind Damage from Hurricane Dorian & Tropical Storms

Preventing Wind Damage from Hurricane Dorian & Tropical Storms

Hurricane Dorian is projected to leave his mark on Florida with tropical storms that blast all the way across the United States. Though North Texas rarely faces the devastation of hurricanes, the tropical storms that blow through can be damaging to your roof system. Here are some ways to prepare for tropical storms and preserve your roof.
Mother Nature is a strong force to be reckoned with. While there isn’t much we can do to stop the wind, rain, and other effects of tropical storms, we can attempt to prevent wind damage to our homes.

Doors & Windows

When high winds hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area, garage doors often suffer. Worst case scenario—the wind blows the door off the rails, damages what is in the garage, and causes structural damage. Having the garage inspected can prevent devastating damage.

For the front and back door as well as the windows, weather stripping is essential. The rage of Hurricane Dorian will dissipate before it reaches North Texas, but the tropical storms that follow can bring strong winds and rain. Avoid water damage to your home by making sure there are no cracks between the door frame and the door.

The Roof

The roof is often the most affected structure when a storm blows through DFW. Shingles that are not fastened tight are blown off, leaving your roof exposed to the elements, where water can leak through. To avoid this scenario, make sure shingles are fastened with at least six nails or stapes. Beneath shingles, a waterproof underlayment should be securely in place.

A roof inspection is the best way to determine the safety of your roof system. From the shingles to the flashing to the gutters, it’s important to ensure that your home’s barrier from Mother Nature is doing its job properly. Have a professional roof expert inspect and make any repairs to your roof system so that it’s secure before high winds and falling leaves make their way to North Texas.

Around the House

Once the roof has been inspected, any loose shingles have been secured, and all of the flashing around eaves and chimneys are fastened, browse your yard for tree limbs. If there are any branches that are close to the roof, remove them. You don’t want a loose branch falling onto the roof and creating a crater in your home.

Look around the perimeter of the yard for unsecured objects, like patio furniture. If you can’t move them to an indoor location, secure them as best as possible.

The aftermath of a hurricane is devastating to those in its path. While North Texas doesn’t receive the brunt of a hurricane, the storms that follow a hurricane often have strong winds that can create problems for the structure of the roof system. Prepare your home for strong winds and keep your roof safe and secure.