Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Team Motto: "There for you in the past, here for you today, serving you in the future

Brett Hall Brett Hall

Brett Hall

Specialty Sales & Consulting

Tina Hall Tina Hall

Tina Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Kipker Heather Kipker

Heather Kipker

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Fratto Michelle Fratto

Michelle Fratto

Office Manager

Jon Harrington Jon Harrington

Jon Harrington

Executive Residential Director: Sales

Rich Rogers Rich Rogers

Rich Rogers

Executive Commercial Director

Joey Reyes Joey Reyes

Joey Reyes

Commercial Project Coordinator

Derek Hall Derek Hall

Derek Hall

Senior Sales Consultant

Trey Enterline Trey Enterline

Trey Enterline

Sales Consultant

Brett King Brett King

Brett King

Sales Consultant

Brandy Cotter Brandy Cotter

Brandy Cotter

Project Coordinator

Allison Curry Allison Curry

Allison Curry

Production Coordinator

Charly Zarate Charly Zarate

Charly Zarate

Lead Residential Superintendent

Rudy Martinez Rudy Martinez

Rudy Martinez

Residential Quality Control & Repair Technician

Rhonda Hall Rhonda Hall

Rhonda Hall

Commissions Analyst & Accounting Support

Jackson Hall Jackson Hall

Jackson Hall

Strategic Business Consultant

josh soroka josh soroka

josh soroka

Commercial Business Development

Jordan Sturgeon Jordan Sturgeon

Jordan Sturgeon

Project Management: General Contracting

Dana Saenz Dana Saenz

Dana Saenz

Project Management: General Contracting

Cade Pack Cade Pack

Cade Pack

Production Assistant