The importance of Commercial roof maintenance

After repairing or replacing their commercial roof system, some building owners forget the most important part of roof ownership… maintenance. In fact, most manufacturers require periodic maintenance to continue the current warranty status. Failure to properly maintain your roof would likely void your warranty, or give an insurer the right to deny coverage on a future claim.

Let our team evaluate your system for any required maintenance to extend the life of your roof. Our Asset Management Program is available for existing roof systems after a thorough audit by Joe Hall Roofing. For each audit, we provide you with a complimentary digital report for your property records.



  • Annual digital photographic report
  • Protection for future storm claims showing integrity of system prior to weather event
  • Detecting damage caused by other trades
  • Identify building movement issues
  • Checking drains and scuppers for clogs which could lead to future issues
  • Discovery of water and organic debris collected on walls and surfaces
  • Identify short and long term roof life projections for fiscal budgeting

What to expect from the JHR Asset Management Program

Our goal is to ensure your or your client’s assets are adequately protected by providing the necessary maintenance to mitigate any current or future damage. We have seen it all over 32 years in the commercial roofing industry. With our accumulated knowledge and expertise, you can trust us to provide the ultimate care to your roofing system. Our dedicated team will provide you with a professional report of their findings to mitigate issues, sustain functionality, and prolong the integrity of your roof system.

The case for roof maintenance

According to the article Making a Case for Roof Maintenance published by the Roofing Contractor, “property owners and managers [need] to adopt a proactive roof maintenance protocol to get the maximum service lives from [their] roofing systems, and to reduce the collateral damage caused by leaking roofs at their facilities.”Β 

In the article, they present some facts:

Fact 1: “More than 80 percent of roofs are replaced prematurely.”

Here at Joe Hall Roofing, if your roof doesn’t meet the criteria for replacement, we will advise you on alternative solutions. We recommend being precautious when choosing your preferred roofing contractor, as some are just in it for a quick sale even when your roof doesn’t require replacementβ€”most of the time, there are less costly alternatives to be explored for you as a property owner. Generally, your commercial roof should last 15-20 years, considering your location and product quality. However, assuming your roof avoids storm damage, you can notably extend the longevity of your roof system through routine maintenance.

But, if replacement is in your sights, visit our roof replacement page or material options to learn more about our commercial roofing services. We pride ourselves on steering clear of low-quality materials that jeopardize the longevity of your roofing system, choosing instead to use the highest quality materials that maintain their durability for years to come!

Want to avoid premature roof replacement?

We’ll let you know where your roof stands! Our Asset Management Program at Joe Hall Roofing provides you with documentation of the state of your roof system yearly, so the cards are in your hand! Our program grants you the ability to leverage historical roof data when it does come time to submit a claim to your insurance on your property’s roof. Ready to start maintaining your roof today? Click below!

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