6 The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat

6 The Best Shingles to Withstand North Texas Heat

Rainstorms have taken over North Texas for the last several months, but finally, we are experiencing our summer heat. Though we know the heat is coming, it’s never easy adjusting to triple digit days. And it’s not always easy on our roof system either. Drastic weather changes can affect your roof if you’re not careful.
I say “if you’re not careful” very loosely. There aren’t very many preventative measures you can take as spring turns to summer. But, we do know which roofing shingles are best equipped for the heat of summer.

Depending on your geographic location, there are specific materials that are best for your region. As Texas is in the South Central part of the United States, we see a lot of humid heat. One of the main questions we receive when speaking with new clients is about the most energy efficient, protective roofing material to combat the sun.

And the answer is quite surprising—there are numerous materials available to keep reflect the heat, which keeps your energy bill low, and won’t succumb to the Texas heat.

Composition shingles are incredibly durable. They are unique in that you can get them made to mimic other roofing styles without spending a fortune. These shingles are manufactured with preventative treatments against UV fading. So if you’re concerned about the sun ruining the look of your roof this summer, consider composition shingles.

Not only are composition roofing solutions durable, but they are the most popular choice for residential roofing customers. The shingles are fortified with a blend of roofing materials to outlast the most demanding environments—rainstorms, wind storms, hail, and sun. This material takes into consideration Mother Nature and provides you with a safe covering.

Another great shingle to fight the heat is metal. Metal roofs are most known for their environmental footprint. Because they consume very little energy, your summer electricity bill will thank you for metal roof. And while I wouldn’t suggest climbing on your metal room in the heat of the day, I can say that metal roofing is superior quality to combat sever weather storms.

From polymer shingles to wood shingles, each of the residential roofing solutions available ensure maximum durability for North Texas residents. Our shingles are designed to deliver superior quality and unparalleled beautiful for instantly improved curb appeal. But more than looked, our shingles are designed to last. With a long lifetime infused with preventative treatments, our solutions are capable of keeping your home safe through the heat of summer, into winter, and beyond.