Cleaning & Maintaining Gutters

Cleaning & Maintaining Gutters

Becoming a home owner always comes with it’s fair share of responsibility. When you look at your new house and think about all of the memories you’ll make, you probably don’t visualize cleaning gutters and maintain your roof system. It’s not one of the fun tasks that keeps your home safe or your curb appeal up, but it’s a necessity if you want a secure home that’s functioning at it’s maximum potential.
Whether you’re new to the home-owning lifestyle or a seasoned pro, here are some tips you might have never considered for cleaning and maintaining your home’s gutters.

Once a year, I suggest in the spring, make sure you inspect your gutter system for any clogs. Take careful notice where downspouts join the gutter system. If you have a lot of trees in your yard that overhang near your roof, you might want to clean the gutters twice a year.

Spring is the perfect time to clean the gutters. You’re already in spring cleaning mode, winter has just left a mess on your roof system, and you’re landscaping and curb appeal is starting to come to life.

If you notice a large build up of debris, it’s cleaning time. If you don’t want to climb a ladder or have to clean the gutters yourself, you can always hire someone to clean your gutters. Prices for a job like this typically run from about 50 dollars up to 250 dollars, depending on your location, the pitch of your roof, etc.

If you do want to tackle this job on your own, make sure you wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your skin. Wear rubber gloves, too.

Once you’re dressed for the job, you need to gather some materials. A plastic tarp placed on your grass will protect your lawn as you dump the debris out of the gutters. A small plastic scoop is also a good tool to use to help you really get deep down in the gutter system. And finally, make sure you have a good, extendable ladder, preferably a standoff stabilizer so you don’t damage the gutters.

After you’ve scooped out any debris, use a garden hose to clean the interior of the gutters. You can also use this opportunity to spot any leaks.

Once you’ve cleaned your gutters, you might not want to go through this tedious process again. You can invest in gutter covers, mesh screens, clip-on grates, or porous foam. However, be aware that the cost of these covers can be even more that the gutters themselves. And you still have to routinely maintain them to keep them clear.