Commercial Roofing Practices – What You Need to Know

Commercial Roofing Practices – What You Need to Know

When you choose Joe Hall Roofing for your commercial project, the choices are just beginning. We offer a wide variety of materials and manufacturers to choose from to ensure that our customers receive the services and products they want for their business.
From GAF to Firestone, each of our manufacturers puts out high quality products and materials specifically for commercial roofing projects. The difference between residential and commercial properties is incomparable. From the products used to the style of service, it’s crucial to take each factor into account.

We work with a lot of young companies who haven’t had a lot of experience in commercial roofing. Deadlines, work environment, and customer service are at the top of our priority list. During an initial estimate, we talk through each stage of roofing, repairing, reroofing, etc., to give you an in depth understanding of what to expect. Our roofing experts are highly trained and experienced to ensure that your building is functioning without distraction while under construction.

The Joe Hall Roofing commercial division uses innovative technology using age-old techniques as well as future market trends to provide customers with a flawless result.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we specialize in roof restoration, which uses high-tech reflective and emissive products to extend the life of your roof, while keeping your energy bill low. Working in the Texas heat, we understand the value of a dollar. We help customers go green, while simultaneously lowering their energy bill and keeping their building cool.

Using new techniques with heat resistant products is a must for Texas businesses. We work with manufacturers to provide roofing products that meet the specific needs of North Texans. Lapolla Industries spcializes in spray foam systems and specialty coatings to ensure a healthier environment and reductions in energy consumption.

ER Systems is another manufacturer in commercial roofing. With a line of elastomeric roofing materials, customers enjoy safe and lasting results. The systems available include roof coatings, sealants, adhesives, highly reflective roof coatings, and membranes.

Understanding how buildings move over time and with the wind is vital for business owners. When we work with clients, we help you understand each product so that you’ll get the most out of your roofing solutions.

MBCI and DECRA manufacture metal roofing products. From standing seam to exposed or concealed fastener roof systems, MBCI uses the latest innovations in metal roofing to keep commercial structures safe and sound for years to come. DECRA manufactures stone coated steel technology for new construction or renovation for commercial structures to provide long life and low maintenance.