Energy Efficient Roofing Materials for Commercial Structures

Energy Efficient Roofing Materials for Commercial Structures

Commercial properties are transitioning toward more energy efficient roofing systems. With electricity bills climbing as North Texas summer approaches, there’s nothing better than going green and saving money. At Joe Hall Roofing, we use materials from trusted manufacturers to keep your commercial structure safe and secure for lasting results.
A green roof uses recycled products, has storm water management systems, considers air quality, and is extremely durable. There are several different system choices included in our commercial division including solar or photovoltaic rooftop solutions, white, reflective roofing, and more.

With reflective roofing surfaces, properly insulated roofs, and daylighting options, the rooftop is the perfect location as an energy efficient platform. There are numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in your building. Highly insulated roof systems are a cost effective method. Rising energy costs make the investment of insulation well worth it.

In addition to insulating the roof, cool reflective roofs are rising in popularity as a way to conserve energy. Reflective roofs not only reduce cooling costs, but they reduce peak electric consumption and a cost effective method, and require minimal maintenance.

The economical choice to install a cool reflective roof is proven to save energy in warm climates, like we have here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. The only limitation to reflective roofing systems is that they may cause a glare into windows and increase interior heat loads.

At Joe Hall Roofing, we work with commercial building owners to install innovative roofing technology to keep your structure safe for the long run. We remain on the cutting edge of coatings technology. We understand the advances in roofing technology and keep educated in trained in bringing our customers the latest products and services to protect your roof.

Roof coatings have the potential to extend the life of your roof system for several years. With relationships with the top manufacturers of roof coating, our roof experts have the experience and knowledge to install a quality roof system.

The Joe Hall Roofing Commercial Division uses an innovative approach to roof installation. Browse our showroom and you will have the opportunity to visualize the diverse roof applications available. Certified by superior manufacturers, we are able to help you select the best commercial roof application for your property.

From new roof installations to re-roof projects, our roofing contractors have decades of experience in roofing projects ranging from only a few hundred square feet to thousands of square feet. Whether your building needs gravel, metal, single-ply, modified, or built-up roofing, we can meet your exact roofing needs.

Specializing in restoration products, we work with manufacturers to provide customers with high quality, durable products that can extend the life of your roof dramatically, while reducing energy costs and conserving energy.