Hanging Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof System

Hanging Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof System

Driving around looking at Christmas lights has always been one of my most favorite traditions during Christmastime. Hanging Christmas lights, however, is not my favorite. It’s one of those tasks that I feel an obligation to fulfill for fellow Christmas lights enthusiasts.
But, how does hanging these gorgeous displays affect your roof system? Here are some helpful tips to keep your roof in perfect condition during the most wonderful time of the year.

Your roof system is designed for maximum durability to withstand the weight of snow and wind during one of our unpredictable North Texas storms, but how does it hold up against the weight of Christmas lights?

Proper application is key to hanging Christmas lights. If you follow the directions and properly install your Christmas lights, you shouldn’t see any damage to your roof system. My number one tip is to not put holes in your roof.

The thought seems logical, but when you’re fighting Christmas light clips and you’re feeling frustrated, you might feel the urge to get the staple gun and go to town. No matter how bad you want that quick fix, do not do it.

Putting holes in your roof system can lead to a serious amount of damage. Avoid the staple gun, nail gun, screw gun, and any other type of tool that will put a hole in your shingles. Once removed, the hole opens up your roof system to water intrusion, which can rot your roof and lead to more serious damage.

Next tip, be careful!

I know, obvious tip. But, when you’re trying to win the award for best Christmas lights display, you might start losing focus on your safety. Walking on your roof isn’t just dangerous to you, it can decrease the lifespan of your roof. The best way to apply Christmas lights is to use a ladder and hang them using those amazing little Christmas light clips.

If, however, you have to walk on your roof, wear soft shoes. Don’t walk on shingles when the roof is being hit directly by the sun. And, of course, walk gently.

Whether you’re hanging lights or having someone do it for you, make sure you keep your roof system in mind. Don’t let anyone puncture your shingles. Use plastic clips and be careful!