Insulating Your Commercial Building

Insulating Your Commercial Building

The purpose of insulation in the roof system is to keep heat inside a structure during the winter months and keep the cold during the summer. The effect of insulation is temperature control inside the building. For commercial buildings, having the proper roofing insulation is vital.
Commercial property owners in America save almost 10 billion dollars each year in energy costs through insulating their buildings. This number is huge. But, more than the money saves, insulation in commercial buildings also saves energy consumption—about 15 percent of all the energy used in America each year.

When you see these numbers, it’s easy to see how important having the right insulation installed in a commercial structure is. If you are looking into insulation, here are some important steps you should take to make the best choice for your building.

Schedule a consultation with several local roofing companies. Joe Hall Roofing has years of experience helping commercial property owners compete roofing projects, including the insulating of buildings. To help you find the perfect company, ask about their experience, their specialties, and their background.

Do your research and take your time finding a company that you trust for such a big project. Once you’ve found a reputable company, ask about the different insulation choices. Reflective roofing is a great choice for commercial structures. In fact, this technique is incredibly energy efficient and durable for years of quality use.

Reflective roofing reflects the sun back out, keeping the interior of the building at a comfortable temperature. It does the same for the winter months.

Next, consider the maintenance of reflective roofing. When you own a commercial building, you most likely have a flat roof. At Joe Hall Roofing, we offer high quality insulation options for commercial roofing systems. We use the latest innovations and work with reputable manufacturers, like GAF, Firestone, Lapolla Industries, ER Systems, MBCI, and DECRA.

Choosing the proper insulation for your commercial structure requires some time and consideration. You want to get multiple opinions and ask enough questions to get an idea of a company’s expertise, experience, and referrals. When you find a quality company, make sure they work with notable manufacturers, so you get top notch materials that will stand up to the unpredictable Texas weather.

Insulating your commercial building not only saves you money, but it reduces our national carbon footprint. It’s also important for building owners to know that while we, from a professional standpoint, recommend a substantial amount of insulation, building codes have increased their standards, meaning that more insulation is now required for commercial buildings.

This change over the past few years, means that more insulation is required, more energy is conserved, and more money is saved for commercial building owners.