New Roof FAQs: Everything you Need to Know

New Roof FAQs: Everything you Need to Know

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, renovating a historic home, or fall somewhere in the middle, one of the most important aspects for your home safety and curb appeal is the roof system. Choosing the right material, the best contractor, the most energy efficient solution, and so many more factors can leave you overwhelmed!
At Joe Hall Roofing, we understand the demands put on home owners and we want to alleviate your stress. This Frequently Asked Questions guide will help answer any questions you have as you begin the process of a new roof installation for your residential structure.

It’s crucial to have your roof routinely inspected. This is our number one tip to new home owners. If you don’t do anything else, clean the gutters, remove debris from your roof (fallen branches, leaves, etc.), and look for any missing shingles or damaged shingles. If you notice damage to your roof, you will know it with a thorough roof inspection. We recommend hiring a professional for their expertise and safety protocols.

Roof problems don’t have to be discovered after a leak leaves your home in shambles. Bi-annual inspections can show you cracks, missing shingles, and warped shingles before the damage gets worse! Beyond shingles, look for deteriorating flashing and surface granules that are clogging the gutters and/or downspouts.

You can also look indoors for signs of necessary roof repairs. Cracked paint, peeling wallpaper, and discolored plasterboard are indicators of problems with the roof.

If you find yourself discovered problems, the next question is what to do about it. There are a couple of options. First, completely replace your roof with a new roof system. This requires a professional roofing expert to remove your existing roof system. Second, re-cover it by installing a new roof system as a second layer. The second choice is only an option for homes that have not had a previous re-cover. No roof can have more than two layers at a time.

Beyond, complete roof installations, many homeowners find leaks in one particular region of their home. If your roof is leaking, it does not mean that you have to replace it completely. Leaks can occur due to a variety of causes—damaged, loose, or missing flashing, etc. The cause of complete roof replacements is typically improper installation or the material used.

That means that finding a quality roof contractor is crucial. Don’t hire anyone without doing research first. Door to door roof repairmen, especially after a big storm, should be thoroughly researched. Ask for a business card, call the number, ask for references, and make sure that your contractor is experienced.

Do not try to do it yourself. We are living in a DIY society. But roof repairs should be left to professionals with the proper safety equipment and training. Find a roofing contractor that meets your satisfaction and allow them to give you a flawless roof system.