Preventing Animals from Damaging Your Commercial Building

Preventing Animals from Damaging Your Commercial Building

Whether it’s to hide out from the heat or to find better shelter, sometimes animals seek out commercial buildings as their homes. And, honestly, it’s no wonder when the temperatures are reaching over 100 degrees every day in North Texas. Unfortunately, these animals can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your building. To keep animals from ravaging the roof system, try these preventative measures.
If you hear scratching, tapping, or scampering noises above you, it’s likely that there are raccoons, squirrels, or other animals in your building. While the heat can be brutal, don’t let the cute faces of these animals fool you. These animals can carry diseases, are noisy, and are destructive. Look for the following warning signs to protect your commercial property.

Loud Noises

The critters that like to infiltrate roof systems are loud. You can hear them scampering above, attempting to set up camp in your attic space. Listen carefully for any strange noises to see if you have any unwanted tenants in your building.

Property Damage

A clear sign that animals are attempting to make a home in your commercial structure is property damage. Raccoons and other critters are climbers. They crawl up to the roof system, scratching the building, and damage your roof shingles, chimney, and other roof systems. You can also inspect your gutters and interior corner moldings for any damage as indication of animal infestation.

Strong Smells

Finally, if critters have made their way into your building, you’ll smell them. Animals don’t have the luxury of a toilet, so eventually you’ll begin to smell their urine and feces left above you.

If you ever suspect animals have infiltrated your commercial building, contact Wildlife Control Services. Take action quickly; contact a professional and handle the issue efficiently.

To be preventative, make sure that landscaping is cut back from the building. Animals have easy access to your roof system with overhanging tree branches. Keeping trees cut back will make it more difficult for them to make their way onto the roof.

Animals take advantage of any easy access to your structure and the building interior. Invest in chimney caps, roof vent covers, and underground fencing. This protects the structural integrity of your commercial building.