The Effects of Winter Weather on Your North Texas Roof System

The Effects of Winter Weather on Your North Texas Roof System

Though our new year has started with predictably unpredictable North Texas weather, the frigid air hasn’t completely left us for the season. North Texas is predicted to have some bitter cold days in the coming month. So how do these rapid changes in weather affect your roof system?
Your roof is designed to protect your home from Mother Nature, including rain, sleet, cold temperatures, rapid changes in temperatures, etc. But, it is also crucial to maintain your roof if you want your roof to have a long lifespan.

Cold weather can leave homeowners with some unpleasant residue, if proper roof maintenance is not completed. From your gutters, to the flashing, to the eaves, and even the shingles, these parts of the roof are especially susceptible to damage during ice and snow storms. So take advantage of the random sunny days we get to inspect your roof. Clean out your gutters, check the seals around the flashing, check your eaves to make sure there is accumulated snow, leaves, debris, or other materials that can cause too much pressure on the roof structure.

This will help prepare for the icy weather we often get during winter.

When winter weather arrives, there’s not much you can do. But it’s good to understand how cold weather can affect your roof system. Falling ice can affect the integrity of lower parts of your roof. Deterioration can occur on walls that are covered in ice for a long period of time. Gutters that fill with ice dams are more likely to leak and collapse.

Though these problems are rare for the mild winters we experience in North Texas, knowing where to look when inspecting your roof after winter storms can help you spot issues before they grow into massive problems.

However, we want to make sure that homeowners are safe during inspections. If it’s still icy outside, it’s too soon to grab your ladder. If you sense a problem, call a professional to inspect your roof, clean your roof, or make any repairs. With years of experience, our contractors are able to help you using the latest innovations.

Avoid winter weather roofing problems altogether by making sure the slope of your roof allows for water and snow to naturally slide off the roof easily. If your roof system is not designed like this, consider investing in professional help to have your roof slopes altered.

Finally, always invest in high quality material. The manufacturers we work with at Joe Hall Roofing provide superior roofing materials for North Texas homes to keep your roof system safe and sound for many, many years to come. When you maintain your roof, winter is much less of a threat to your roof system.