Things Homeowners Need to Know About Their Roof System

Things Homeowners Need to Know About Their Roof System

Purchasing a new home is one of the most rewarding investments a family makes. From the memories made to the peace of mind in knowing your family is provided for, the feeling of becoming a homeowner is a rush of emotion. Along with feelings of joy and pride come pressure and stress to take care of an entire structure that most people do not know much about. That’s where we come in! At Joe Hall Roofing, we want new homeowners to take pride of ownership and get to know their house in a practical manner.
When it comes to roofing, most new homeowners do not know what is required of them. So we have compiled a list of thins new homeowners need to know about their roof system.

During the inspection process of buying a home, your inspector took the time to go through all of the electrical, foundation, and roofing needs of the house. And unless you got a negative report, you probably had no clue. But, once you purchase the home, all of these concerns become your responsibility. To help ease you into home owning, we have a list of roof system requirements to consider.

First, it is important that you understand your roof warranty and insurance information. During closing, signing papers and looking at financials often take precedence and can quickly become overwhelming. Because of this pressure, you might not have taken the time to ask about your roof warranty. However, if you ever need roof repairs or a new installation, you want all of the facts.

In some cases, when you purchase your home, it will come with a transferable roof warranty. This is beneficial as it adds more value to your home and ensures that you do not have to worry about the cost of repairs and replacements. If, however, your home does not come with a transferable roofing warranty, consider the value of getting one. When you go to sell, it will increase the value of your home and ensure that you are covered in the event that your roof needs any work.

At Joe Hall Roofing, we want our customers to be educated in all things roofing. One of the most important pieces of advice we give is to conduct regular inspections. Allow a roofing professional to help you preserve the integrity of your roof system with preventative maintenance measures.

Finally, it’s crucial to understand the roofing material on your home roof system. From composite shingles to metal roofing, there are a variety of roofing materials for homeowners to choose from. Each material from Joe Hall Roofing is designed to last. However, with unpredictable North Texas weather, shingles can curl, billow, and break.

Have a professional roofing expert from Joe Hall Roofing assess your roof system. Use these tips and advice to keep your roof in pristine condition.