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There is more to roofing than insurance claims, materials, and labor! Every roof has an anatomy of its own, and in our 30 Years of experience, we have developed technical expertise for diagnosing and solving complex roof-related issues. No matter the material of your roof system, we are the experts! Let us show you why…

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Standing Seam Metal & TPO Overlay

A glimpse into logistical planning and fabrication.

From the start, we knew we were the roofing contractor for the job- we understand a project of this magnitude requires a massive amount of expertise & experience to do it correctly. Through showcasing our knowledge and expertise, we earned the trust of Mount Olive’s board out of 75 other roofing contractors! Now it was time to get to work. What started as a leak in the steeple ended up in a complete removal/replacement of the existing steeple, an overlay of TPO on the flat roofs, and an overlay of standing seam metal due to complications with spray foam in the attic. The finished product is truly a marvel of metal roofing fabrication!

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