Commercial Roof System Tips—Preventative and Maintenance Routines

Commercial Roof System Tips—Preventative and Maintenance Routines

Building owners have a huge task at hand. Commercial properties are a serious undertaking. And one of the most important aspects is preventative maintenance. From the interior to the landscaping, there is so much that can transform and enhance building performance. One of the most overlooked factors, however, is roof system care.
You want to get the most out of your commercial roof system. Maximizing roof performance is a desire of any building owner, but, it requires a proactive approach.

The key to maintaining your commercial roof system is preventative roof maintenance. Investing more upfront can save a substantial amount of time and money in the future. From regularly scheduled inspections and routine repairs to adding reflective coatings, these three tips can transform your commercial roof system.


Roof inspections are recommended at least two times each year. Spring and fall are the best times of year, due to weather concerns. If you haven’t had a spring inspection yet, I highly recommend having your commercial property inspected for any concerns. Finding small repairs is much better than waiting until tenants start calling about leaks.

Inspect each aspect of the roof system: the drains and downspouts should be clear of any debris or other blockage, the flashing should be tightly fastened with no gaps or tears apparent, the vents should be sealed properly, and the roof should be free of any damage.

If you notice any of these issues, contact a roofing professional. Or, if you don’t want to conduct an inspection, a professional roofing expert can inspect your commercial property.


It’s not uncommon in North Texas to experience indecisive weather. Because of the constant changes in temperature, certain roofing repairs are needed throughout the year. From sealing flashing to unclogging drains, making small repairs is much better than waiting until you have a bigger problem.

Be preventative on the repairs you make. Prevent cracks and leaks by using polymer-modified mastics. Though, more costly than lower-quality mastics, their performance over times speaks for itself. Again, if you don’t want to make repairs yourself, or you feel uncomfortable in any way in regards to your roof system, contact a roofing contractor for professional assistance.

Reflective Coatings

This tip is possibly the most important. Reflective coatings accomplish multiple goals. Not only does a reflective coating combat the elements, but a high quality coating is UV-resistant can withstand North Texas weather conditions. You want a reflective coating that contains a substantial amount of aluminum paste, giving the coating a silver finish.

The hot Texas sun’s UV rays are known to cause damage to roof systems, because they dry out the roof and cause cracking. Having a reflective coating acts as a barrier to preserve your roof system. It’s only an added bonus that it also reduces energy costs!

Follow these three tips to prevent any damage to your commercial roof system.