Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Face – Part 2

Common roofing problems range from weather related issues to damage from animals. Though most common roofing issues are not preventable, there are several ways to ensure that your roof is safe from more serious damage.
Overhanging tree limbs create a natural bridge for animals to access your roof. Believe it or not, birds and other animals, such as squirrels, can cause serious harm to your roof system. Birds can peck away at the eaves of your roof in an effort to find food. These holes might be small and unnoticeable, but they can also become large enough to harm your roof. Holes along the eaves lead to exposed wood and moisture that can lead to rotting.

To avoid birds, squirrels, and other wildlife from damaging your roof, keep tree limbs trimmed and trash cans away from the house. When you’ve done everything you can and animals still persist, make sure you are inspecting your roof system for holes, missing shingles, and loose flashing so that any necessary repairs can be made as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the large animals you have to worry about. Insects are just as aggressive. Termites and other insects that gnaw at wood create a tunnel through eaves and fascia boards. If you can keep insects from gnawing at your roof, you are more likely to keep other animals from harming your roof.

Animals, big or small, are hard to keep away from your home. Though there aren’t many preventable solutions to this common roofing problem, there are inexpensive solutions. It’s important that you don’t wait until there is a massive hole in your eaves to call a professional. Complete routine self-inspections so that you find any problems right when they begin.

While most common roofing issues cannot be prevented, there are a couple of problems that can be easily avoided. Make sure your roof system is intact through the year. One common problem is flashing around vents becoming loose, allowing water in, and causing significant water damage. Keep flashing in place by caulking around vent flashing.

Your gutters are also a common roofing problem that is preventable. Never allow your gutters or downspouts to become so full and clogged that they are useless. Maintaining your home’s exterior can save you immensely. When gutters are clogged, water backs up into the eaves and causes rotting. If you don’t want to constantly clean the gutters, consider adding a screen to the top of the gutters.

An important aspect of being a homeowner is roof maintenance. Most of the common roof problems faced do not start out major. These minor problems are easily fixed when found immediately. Correct any problems as soon as they arise with the help of Joe Hall Roofing professionals.