Damaged Commercial Roof – Do you Repair or Replace?

Damaged Commercial Roof – Do you Repair or Replace?

Commercial roofing systems are built to last. With durable materials featuring reliability, when it comes to a flat roof, there is not much that can harm it. However, this often gets misconstrued when problems develop during the lifespan of a roof system.
It is crucial for commercial business owners to research companies before having any roof installed. If a roof isn’t installed properly or is designed improperly, problems can occur. Many commercial roofing problems arise from the initial installation. Making sure that you have a trusted contractor and designer is the most important factor to consider.

Once a roof is installed on a commercial property, the most important consideration is routine maintenance. The most overlooked aspect of owning a commercial building is the roof. Out of sight, out of mind can do a lot of damage when it comes to the roof system. It is essential for a commercial roof to be inspected and any small problems be corrected immediately.

After an inspection, if there are problems, you have options. Replace the entire roof, re-cover the roof, or repair the roof. To know the best route to take, consider these factors:

First, assess the damage. How much of the roof is damaged? Look at damage to determine how bad the damage is and do a cost comparison of repairs necessary versus a new roof. Second, look at insulation, building occupancy, and building use. It’s important to understand the use of the building to know the best roof and method of repair. What is the building used for? Do tenants occupy the building? How easy is it tearing off the roof? Where is it located—heavily populated area, skyscraper, etc.

Finally, determine if the building generates a lot of moisture. If so, the building might not have the correct roof.

To know the answers to these questions, contact a professional roofing expert and ask them these specific questions.

Sometimes, problems look worse than they really are. When problems can be easily repairs, you don’t want to accumulate the expense or time of a full roof replacement. Commercial roof repairs are the best option when the roof has good insulation and the membrane of the roof is in mint condition.

When a roof is damaged, but was installed properly and is in, otherwise, good shape, a re-cover is a viable option. Re-covering the roof means placing a new membrane on top on the preexisting one. It is extremely important to remember, though, that a roof can only be re-covered once.

A full replacement is the best solution when a roof is damaged and has already been re-covered. If the damage is too expensive to make repairs and covers to broad of an area, replacement is the best option. A good rule to follow is if 25 percent of the roof is damaged, replace. This is a long-term solution and will lead to fewer problems in the future.