Preparing your Roof System for April Rain Showers

Preparing your Roof System for April Rain Showers

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” And with the amount of rain that North Texas gets each April, it’s important to think ahead and prepare your roof system for the torrential downpour.
The rain we receive in April is a welcome change to the winter weather. It’s good for the soil, it’s great for taking an extra nap on the weekend, but how does it affect your roof system? Rain, alone, isn’t much of a hazard. But when it’s mixed with high winds, becomes heavy rain fall, or turns into a thunderstorm, there’s cause for concern.

Your roof is designed to stand up against Mother Nature, but that’s not to say that the brunt forces of nature can’t leave a lasting impact of your roof system. To preserve your roof and prevent any damage, follow these simple tips.

Clear your gutters. I know I say it a lot, but I can’t express to homeowners how important routine maintenance is for your roof. Cleaning your gutters during your spring cleaning in March helps when April showers arrive. If you let debris build up, the water cannot flow properly. Then, when the water stops for a few days, wet debris will sit stagnant, affecting your roof.

Check for damage. Before rainfall, check to make sure your shingles are working properly. It would be devastating to experience leaks and water damage because of broken shingles. Look intently because any little loose shingles or broken tile can allow water to seep in.

Another factor that can affect your roof during the rainy season is ventilation. Because the Texas heat can be excruciating, it’s important that Texas homes have proper ventilation. Unfortunately, though, some vents that help during the summer months can allow rainwater to enter. Check your vents and make sure they’re designed to prevent rain from getting inside.

Preparing for April showers is a necessary aspect of owning a home. Prevent damage to your home by taking a couple extra minutes to check your roof system.