The Best Time to get your Roof Replaced

The Best Time to get your Roof Replaced

One of the most asked questions we get is when to replace your home’s roof system. And the answer to this question is somewhat loaded.
First, let’s look at the time of year. Joe Hall Roofing is open year-round, and with the little precipitation we see in the winter, winter isn’t a bad choice for North Texans. Our busy moths are typically August through November. But, there’s not a month that is technically the best month to have a new roof installed.

We are busy in the late summer to early fall months because this is the driest time of year and the weather is more predictable. The last thing we want when working on a home is for it to rain for days on end when a house is under construction.

Giving our customers peace of mind to have roof renovations completed year-round, let’s look at the best time to get your roof replaced from a product standpoint.

When you notice something through a personal inspection that has you cautious of your roof system, always make a call to your local roof expert. At Joe Hall Roofing, we work with customers across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to inspect and identify indicators of a need for a new roof.

Some of these indicators include missing shingles, wind damage, leaks in the roof, leaks in your interior ceiling, etc. Products used by roofing companies are not manufactured by the company. We work with reputable manufacturers to provide our customers with high quality, lasting materials. Product prices increase during the busy roofing season. To ensure a good price, consider the benefits of roof replacement during spring, summer, or winter.

Winter isn’t an obvious choice for roofing services, but here in North Texas it is a viable option. One advantage is the open schedule. Because winter isn’t considered a busy season, homeowners have a lot more options when it comes to picking a roofing company.

Summer is another great option. While fall tends to have more predictable weather, summer is a very busy time for roofing companies. Though, the North Texas heat can do more damage than good. Installing shingles during summer requires precision when using a nail gun. If not careful, the pressure of the nail gun can go through the shingle and break it.

At Joe Hall, our roofing contractors are trained and educated to keep your home safe year-round. To get the best price and have a quick and seamless installation process, plan ahead. Schedule an inspection and consultation before the life of your roof ends. This will save you time and money.