To Repair or Replace Residential Roof System

To Repair or Replace Residential Roof System

From natural wear and tear to the unpredictable Texas weather, many North Texans have reported damage to their roof systems this month. Summer months are the popular for roof repairs and replacements, as the sun is typically shining bright. Before Mother Nature strikes, make sure that your residential roof system is ready for the changing season.
Many customers come to Joe Hall Roofing with the foreknowledge that their roof needs serious repairs. The number one questions we get from homeowners is whether to make repairs to the damaged area or to replace the roof system altogether.

Our trained and experienced technicians have years of knowledge to help you make the best choice for your home. However, the answer isn’t always black and white. There are several factors to consider when it comes to your roof system-age of the roof, previous roof repairs, and extent of the damage.

The age of your roof is the number one factor. If the age of your roof is the root cause, you will know by the extent of the damage. Natural wear and tear affects the majority of the roof. It’s unlikely that your roof will take a big hit to a particular area if wear and tear is to blame.

If it is determined that your roof has aged well and done it’s job, it’s best to replace the entire roof system. However, if the roof has never been reroofed, or recovered, that is a more cost-efficient alternative.

Shingles can be layered two deep maximum. If your roof has lasted strong with one layer, you can consider recovering with a second layer of shingles. If two layers already exist, the roof requires a complete tear-off replacement.

Extent of the damage provides the most indepth insight as to how to properly proceed. Your roof can be brand new, but if the damage has affected the underlying insulation, extends across the majority of the roof system, etc., it is best to replace the roof system. If, however, the damage is consentrated to one specific area and does not affect the remainder of the roof system, simple repairs can be made.

Our goal, at Joe Hall, is to provide customers with high quality, lasting roofing solutions. Our technicians are educated in the latest residiential roofing technologies to make necessary repairs and replacements to keep your home safe for years to come. Allow us to inspect your home and discuss all of your roof system needs with you.